Visual Artists at Driv & Snerk

Visual Artists at Driv & Snerk

Insomnia works in collaboration with young visual artists, whom all have a connection to Tromsø somehow. You can see their works around DRIV and in the artist-run gallery SNERK, which is open every day 12-19, where you can explore their artworks throughout the festival.

Curated by Olga Nikonova and Andrea Conradsen.

Amalie Holthen, Anna Naumann, Anna-Victoria Borgersrud, Arttu Nieminen, Daniel Nørløv, Hakkyung Son, Ida Vadelmainen, Ingmar Nilsen, Mathilde Sundfjord Sæthre, Matias Frøysaa, Mihaly Stefanovicz, Moth Patrol, Olga Krüssenberg, Olga Nikonova, Rurik Sjöstjärna, Skjold Rambow, Steinar Hauge, Vanja Qvarfordt.

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