Talent Cloud Exit 2020

Talent Cloud Exit 2020

Cloud Exit – Up and coming Electronic Music talents from Northern Norway

One of Insomnia’s most important goals has been to create space for new artists and give them the opportunity to experiment and develop their skills. To achieve this, we have established the Cloud Exit talent programme with support from SNN Samfunnsløftet and Talent Norway to identify and develop new regional talent within electronic music and related arts scenes.

The program consists of three parts; a mentorship with an established Norwegian musician, an educational program through various workshops, and performance experience.

Insomnia will pair the talent up with a more established musician that will guide, teach, and challenge the talent in a way that will contribute positively to their career. Insomnia will also arrange a series of workshops that will be designed for the artists participating in the project. All the talents will perform at the Insomnia festival.

We are happy to announce our 4 talents who were selected for this year's Cloud Exit program 2020.


DJ and producer Bladerunar is currently based in his hometown of Alta from where he creates music often with hypnotic minimal rhythm as the bread and butter of his tracks. The producer with no ties to any music scene draws inspiration from science fiction leading to murky tone and laser percussion sounds.


Composer and musician, Palmi creates sonic landscapes. She is interested in how one can transform time and space through manipulation of sound. Fluctuating between natural analog sound and sharp electronic harmonies, she explores the interplay within electro-acoustic instrumentation. By working with the sonic materiality, harmonic textures of sound and spatial qualities she explores how sound impacts our perception of the world. Palmi´s immersive soundscapes emit a distinct emotive state of mind, generating a captivating condition and deep focus.


Carefully enveloped in cold synths, dark beats, and processed vocals, Maud immerses you
into a dream world of electronic pop, with elements from trap and urban. With sincere lyrics
echoing night time thoughts, claustrophobic dreams, and fears of never being good enough,
the artist delivers a dark and intriguing musical expression, sometimes taking unpredictable
turns. Behind the pseudonym, Maud stands songwriter, singer, and producer Kristine Hoff. She
grew up in Northern Norway, where the sun never shines or never sets, which clearly has
made a mark on her dark and ballsy electronic pop. Since 2013 she has appeared in various band constellations, performing at festivals and venues like Sørveiv, Trænafestivalen, Bodø Jazz Open, and Parkteatret in Oslo. This fall she will be releasing her self-produced debut album.


Pijãr/Arikas - electronic music enthusiast, a DJ, an active member of the Lithuanian electronic music community. At the moment, he lives in northern Norway, where together with co-minded people, he supports the movement of the electronic scene. Music plays a vital role in Arikas's life. It pushes forward both, his personal goals and various projects in Norway or Lithuania – developing platforms such as Tamsioji Pusė, Monument, and DJ collective the Behind The River. For the past year, the artist has been in various festivals, playing in Norwegian clubs, closed parties, and in his beloved nature, thus gaining musical and educational experience.

All the talents are presented as part of Insomnia’s talent program Cloud Exit, supported by Talent Norge and SpareBank 1 Nord Norge.

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