Spirits Never Sleep - DJ Set for Sleep Walkers

Spirits Never Sleep - DJ Set for Sleep Walkers

The Insomnia team is super excited to welcome the creative genius Richardas Norvila to Tromsø this October. While he is visiting he will be giving a workshop and a 6-hour long DJ set for a sleeping audience.

Richardas workshop "Less is More - How to build a personal electronic instrument" focuses on how to create a concert-worthy set up with the minimal amount of gear possible. Not only is this a highly relevant topic in times where apparently the more one has the better (which is probably never the case) but also a tool to cultivate creativity.

Spirits Never Sleep will be a special event for Insomnia - Its our first ever sleep-over! It will be a concert for your unconsciousness and we hope it will be a metaphysical experience. Richardas has written a some introductory words for the concert - where one can get a good impression of what to expect when attending the DJ set for Sleep Walkers.

Sign up for Spirits Never Sleep here!

NB: Festival wristband required to enter

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