Earfield workshop (acoustic explorations of place, time and space)

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Did you get the chance to dance to the groundbreaking live set of Rudow at Insomnia a few weeks ago? Well now you have the chance to pick his head on how he makes his music and learn from him in a practical and technical workshop in field recording.

How do we listen to the city and the landscape we have around us?

How does the sound affect us mentally, physically and socially?

Can sound change our experience of time, place and architecture?

The global economy and the world around us are constantly changing, how does this impact the sounds and the soundscapes around us?

The workshop is about exploring the "soundtrack" we’re surrounded by, listening and collecting audio material through various recording techniques, and further processing it into an abstract / non-documentary audio work, learning editing and processing audio focusing using the Ableton Live program.

The core of ​​the workshop is to raise awareness of the role and materiality of sound and how to listen, gather, process and present sound in an art gallery or a public space.

Bring your own laptop / headset.
Bring your own HD recorder and microphones (if you have)
Download trial version of Ableton Live program (free for 30 days) / or bring your registered software.

The workshop will take place on Saturday 07.12 – 12 -18 and Sunday 08.12 – 12 -18 @ Tvibit

Alexander Rishaug, aka Rudow, is a sound artist and composer, operating in the border between art and music scene. He has a background from the Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim. Rishaug works with location-specific sound projects, where mapping of time, space and memory plays a central role. Currently he is engaged as an artistic research fellow at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tromsø.

Check him out at www.arishaug.com

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This workshop is presented as part of Cloud Exit supported by Talent Norge and SpareBank1 Nord Norge Samfunnsløftet

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