Cloud Exit 2020 Open Call

Application for Cloud Exit 2020 is now open!

One of Insomnia’s most important goals has been to create space for new local artists and give them the opportunity to experiment and develop their skills. To achieve this, we have established the Cloud Exit talent programme with support from SNN Samfunnsløftet and Talent Norway to identify and develop new regional talent within electronic music and related arts scenes.

The program consists of three parts; a mentorship with an established Norwegian musician, a educational programme through various workshops and performance experience.

Insomnia will pair the talent up with a more established musician that will guide, teach and challenge the talent in a way that will contribute positively to their career. Insomnia will also arrange a series of workshops that will be designed for the artists participating in the project. All the talents will perform at Insomnia festival.

If you are situated in or come from Northern Norway and want to take part in this program please apply here within the 3rd April 2020

Three talents will be chosen by an independent jury within the 1st of May 2020.

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