Announcing Cloud Exit Talents 2021

Announcing Cloud Exit Talents 2021

Cloud Exit – Up and coming Electronic Music talents from Northern Norway

One of Insomnia’s most important goals has been to create space for new artists and give them the opportunity to experiment and develop their skills.

To achieve this, we have established the Cloud Exit talent program with support from SNN Samfunnsløftet and Talent Norway to identify and develop new regional talent within electronic music and related arts scenes.

Electronic music from Northern Norway and Tromsø has for many years been at the forefront nationally and internationally. Talent Norge has collaborated with the Insomnia Festival on the Cloud Exit since 2016, and it is impressive to see what the participants have achieved during and after the program. Therefore, we always look forward to following new talents and use the opportunity to welcome them as participants in this Talent Norge-program, says CEO of Talent Norge, Maria Mediaas Jørstad.

The program consists of three parts; a mentorship with an established Norwegian musician, an educational program through various workshops, and a performance experience.

Insomnia has never aimed to present big headliners, but rather give support to emerging talented artist and DJs. Through Cloud Exit we are able to reach out to people living in the North or others with a connection to the area. We are once more looking forward to get to know the new talents and see them perform at Insomnia 20th edition, says the Insomnia Cloud Exit project leader, Silja Sletten.

We are happy to announce our 3 talents who were selected for this year's Cloud Exit program 2021.

Anders Jakobsen
Anders Jakobsen from Tromsø makes electronic music, inspired by things that initially might be perceived as wrong or broken, but somehow turn out interesting or even harmonious. Influenced by artists like Arca, Cashmere Cat and Oneohtrix Point Never.

The music could be described as alternative pop instrumentals, rythmic ambient or abstract hip hop, blurring the lines between percussive elements and tonal textures, as well as disorder and harmony.

From the temple to the club scene காவடி explores the soundscape of the Tamil diaspora by depicting personal and collective memories. காவடி (pronounced Kavadi) is a hinduistic ritual where the devotees physically, on their body, carry the allegiance and gratitude for Murugan, the God of war. With field recordings from the northern parts of Sri Lanka alongside various sound elements traditionally used in temples and spiritual worship, காவடி explores stories about displacement, escape and battle

Lars K
Lars K is a music producer, singer and songwriter with some unique sounds that he would like to share with the world. His sound is strongly inspired by African music, but he also mixes afro-melodic vibes with an array of genres, which often results in some really exotic songs. This pattern is mirrored in his upcoming debut album to be released on Sunday 26.September. He is very much looking forward to sharing his music with you.

All the talents will perform at Insomnia festival.

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