Special Screening TIFF @ Insomnia - "STRIKE" Silent Film Concert

For our 20th anniversary Insomnia presents a silent film concert and the movie "STRIKE" in collaboration with Tromsø International Film Festival. This special screening marks the beginning of a new collaborative project with TIFF, and we are very excited to bring this silent film concert to the Insomnia audience!
Silent film by Sergey Eisenstein
Live music by Øyvind Sjøvoll aka kohib, Kristian S. Olstad, Ekaterina Okhaminskaya and Evgeny Popov
This famous silent film is Sergei Eisenstein's first full-length feature film. The film is set in 1903, when factory workers in pre-revolutionary Russia decide to go on strike. The authorities brutally suppress the riots, resulting in the famous sequence in which scenes showing the merciless suppression of the strike alternate with images of slaughtered cattle. The parallel between the fate of the animals and the workers' conditions is used several times in the film. Another central theme in STRIKE is collectivization versus the individualism of the West.

This commissioned work was made in 2021 and presented at the Outdoor Cinema at TIFF 2021. This is the first time all four musicians will be able to meet physically and play the work live for Insomnias audience.
This project marks a new collaboration between TIFF and Insomnia, as this year's Cloud: Exit talents will be invited to compose new music for silent films curated by TIFF, work that will be presented during the Silent Film Days in 2023.
Tickets: This event is open for all audience with a festival pass or a day-pass, no additional tickets required.
GET YOUR INSOMNIA FESTIVAL PASS HERE: https://www.insomniafestival.no/2022/tickets

Date / Time
Oct 21 | 20:00

Studenthuset Driv
Storgata 6, Tromsø, Norway

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