Queer/Feminist Rap Lab with Marina Shamova

Queer/Feminist Rap Lab is a liberating practice with text, voice, sound, and performative presence. MC-ing (poetry) is the process of clarifying one's position, detecting conflict, the practice of social artistic expression through word and music.
Hip-hop originated in the poor areas of the South Bronx in the early 70s among black youth, desperate for racial discrimination, objectification and lack of resources. The organization of hangout places, where it was possible to relax, be yourself and not feel excluded, led to freedom and new experiments in music. Thus began the powerful culture of hip-hop: DJ-ing (music), MC-ing (poetry), graffiti (art), and breaking (dance). By the end of the 70s, hip-hop music had moved beyond the Bronx, into the mainstream, monetized and gained popularity around the world.
Despite the fact that hip-hop culture has historically supported discriminated groups, the lyrics are often full of sexist, homophobic, transphobic, militaristic content. Queer & feminist issues in hip-hop remain insufficiently visible. Therefore, here rap is considered as an inclusive format for musical and poetic expression.
The workshop will be led by Marina Shamova (they/them), a Russian performance & contemporary dance artist and one of the founders of Techno-Poetry collective.
Registration is needed due to limited spaces.

Register here: https://form.arkon.no/?id=8567&key=3Pe0Oy

About Techno-Poetry:
We use utopian imagination that allows us to speak from the position of the
desired future, thereby bringing it closer to our present. Techno-poetry performs
manifesto-songs built on critical discourse, appealing to the utopias of a better future. They
are both everyday reality and unconscious real - with all their irregularities, fears and
desires. Songs raise topics such as: class struggle, gender equality, issues of violence
motivated by hatred of LGBT people +, youth as a criterion for success in the capitalist
system, exploitation of the artist's labor, precariousness, creative burnout, etc
Marina Shamova is one of the invited artists taking part in an artistic exchange program with local curators from Kurant9000, joining us in Tromsø for a week long residency prior to the Insomnia Festival 21st edition! In addition to hosting this workshop, Marina will also take part in the talk "Art as resilience" at Tromsø library on Thursday, as well as present her work in an own exhibition with other artists in residency at Small Projects on Saturday.
The exchange program is supported by the Norwegian Barents Secretariat.
Read more about the artist/s and our program on our website.
The workshop is part of the talent program Cloud:Exit, supported by Talent Norge and Samfunnsløftet.

Date / Time
Oct 19 | 15:00

Parkgata 27-29, Tromsø

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