ART AS RESILIENCE: Cultural collaboration in times of war and conflict

The war in Ukraine has put all cooperation and dialogue between Russia and Europe to a halt. The relative peace that we have experienced across Europe since World War two is destroyed and core values contested. The war affects us, frightens us, and represents a fundamental shift in global security thinking.
Cultural exchange has always played an important role in facilitating understanding across borders and giving both sides an opportunity to step out of their own echo chambers. Culture and sports cooperation has always been an ice-breaker in diplomatic talks between decision-makers even in the most dramatic stages of the cold war.

◾ How can we navigate the current political landscape?

◾ How will the war in Ukraine impact cross border cooperation in the upcoming decades?

◾ Is it possible to move forward without destroying the trust and relations that have taken years to build up?

To facilitate an open and inclusive conversation where all voices are heard, we are moving away from the hierarchical format of classic panel debate and present a new format - democratic talk-show Talkaoke.

Russian artists Daria Orlova and Marina Shamova Norwegian musician Ola Asdahl Rokkones, local curators Ellen Vikströmm, Carla Wedderkopp from Kurant9000, Ismet Bachtiar and artists in residency PROTO Insights (Tvibit) Ukrainian artists who are performing at the Insomnia festival this year will take part in this discussion together with the local industry professionals.
Moderator: Artist and filmmaker Christine Cynn (co-directed Oscar-nominated film the Act of Killing)

About Insomnia Insights:
The Insomnia Insights program has become an important arena for addressing and discussing current societal issues from around the world. As an internationally geared festival, Insomnia is preoccupied with bringing the world to Tromsø, both through music, movement and new ideas. In the past, Insomnia has organized panel debates, film screenings and art exhibitions as a way of complimenting our main musical programme. The project is supported by the Norwegian Barents secretariat, International Seminar, Tvibit, Small Projects, Tromsø Bibliotek- og byarkiv, Kurant9000.

Date / Time
Oct 20 | 19:00

Tromsø Bibliotek
Grønnegata 94, Tromsø

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