US+- is a concept, experiment, statement and art argument comprising Shaon Mukherjee and Ulrik Antoniussen Halmøy. We create playful artistic and digital experiences centred around nostalgia in found objects, digital debris and human error.

Shaon (she/they) is a conceptual artist/dilettante/vagrant/collector currently based in Oslo. Prior to Oslo they have lived and worked in Singapore and India. They work with words and images-both moving and still; Sometimes movement, also sound. They are interested in queering narratives of power and possession, and world-building through collaborative play.

Ulrik (he/him) is a programmer and digital artist living in Oslo. He works with code, sound and visual mediums to weave together small fragments of the world. Ulrik is interested in language and how human nature is mediated in our digital spaces, through technology and social interactions.

For Insomnia 2022, US+- is building an interactive installation for the Small Projects exhibition space in collaboration with co-resident and sound artist Nader XXI. The exhibition will be open to the public throughout the festival.