Interstellar Funk

Interstellar Funk is always exploring different sounds. It would be
easy to repeat the tricks that saw him breakthrough, but instead, he
prefers to have fun mixing up the old with the new and join the dots
between inspirations from the past and take risks on unknown
futures. That way, he manages to keep both himself and his dancers
on their toes.
Olf van Elden has proven this time and time again with the breadth
and depth of sounds he has served up. As a producer, he continually
explores the fringes of the electronic universe. Working under this
alias but also Private Eyes and Faster Action, he effortlessly
switches up the mood, tempo, and atmosphere of his music on
labels such as L.I.E.S., Berceuse Heroique, Rush Hour, Dekmantel,
and his own Artificial Dance.
The label doesn’t specialize in any particular genre but evolves with
each new release be it an unearthed cassette, reissue, or a record
by an upcoming artist. And the label head himself is no different
having recently shifted away from club sounds to investigate his own
world of synth-based textures, ambient music, and effervescent
As a DJ, van Elden is known for serving up the unexpected at clubs
and festivals all over Europe, Australia, Asia, North and South
America. In autumn 2021, he debuted his live show at Draaimolen
Festival and Amsterdam’s Muziekgebouw concert hall where
listeners were mesmerized by towering layers of synthesizer and
constantly morphing drum machines. On top of this, his carefully
curated and brilliantly obscure Artificial Dancers - Waves of Synth
compilation on Rush Hour became an instant classic with unknown
gems from the likes of The Human League and Chris & Cosey.
This love of transcending sounds and scenes, genres, and
generations comes from years working at the famously influential
and eclectic Rush Hour record store, as well as traveling the world
and picking up his own global influences. Next up for the former
Trouw and De School resident is a debut artist album, Into The
Echo, on Dekmantel in 2022. The innovative record mixes up
pensive melodies with haunting post-industrial soundscapes and
euphoric synth arpeggios. It is the latest chapter in the ever-evolving
story of this restless musical investigator.
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Oct 22 | Studenthuset Driv (SNN) | Door: 8:00PM