Henrik Sørlid

Henrik Sørlid (1989) is an artist based in Tromsø (Norway/Sápmi). Drawing upon Situationist notions of détournement - the hijacking and repurposing of existing cultural materials to create new worlds of meaning and affect - his collage and video works are produced through a sort of material analysis of visual representations of time, history and knowledge. But rather than being a vehicle of critical analysis in any narrowly defined sense, these works are searching for hidden worlds that can be seen as being implicit or camouflaged within the forms, colours and textures thought to represent a rational account of this world. In addition to studio-based work, he has been active in several artist-run spaces and collectives, including Kurant Visningsrom, Galleri Parthenon, ComoClube and Pantheon Bar & Grill. Together with Camilla Fagerli, he has edited Dream Academy, an anthology on art education in Northern Norway, due to be published by Archive Books (Berlin). He co-founded the local artist's union KIT (Kunstnerne i Tromsø) in 2018, and has also served as a board member of UKS (Unge Kunstneres Samfund/Young Artists Society)

Oct 22 | Alfheim Svømmehall | Door: 6:00PM