Creating Visuals with Keya Singh

"Everything I make is in an attempt to position myself in the world. I pose questions that I answer through video." - Keya Singh

During the course of this workshop , she will briefly share how she makes this happen with a combination of content, feelings, techniques, media and people.

We will then work together for the rest of the workshop. Participants are strongly(!) encouraged to contribute their skills and thoughts to the process. Each of us will play a key role in the creation of a collaborative work(s).

The aim is to create a visual product in reaction to a piece of audio with contextualised references to one (or a combination) of these: Present reality, pop culture and/or personal histories.

Participation is free, but spaces are limited. Register your participation for the workshop here (and let us know if you can´t make it in after registration):

Equipment requirement (for participants):
Audiovisual equipment + software you already work with
Anything you might imagine could be a visual component (a dog, an outfit, a bag - anything! :))

This workshop is presentented as part of the Cloud Exit project, supported by Talent Norge and SpareBank1 Nord Norge.

Date / Time
Oct 03 | 17:00

Small Projects
Grønnegata 23, Tromsø, Norway

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