Talkaoke - a pop-up talk show about individual and collective solidarity

As part of Insomnia Insights we present a community event and dialogue forum about individual and collective solidarity with Kurdish Musician and activist Mazlum Karatas, activist and member of the Palestina Kommittee Amalia Keck, and more. Facilitated by Ice9.

Tromsø has an active solidarity community, which has been connected to certain humanitarian crisis and political causes around the world for many years. Such connectivity have resulted in a certain level of awareness and engagement of the community with what’s going on around the world, and an emerging solidarity practice, which we want to talk about with our guest speakers and our audience.

In this talk we address the questions of what we can do as individuals, and as a community, when faced with news of humanitarian desasters, ecological destruction, wars, poverty.. How can we do more with the increase of humanitarian crisis around the world? With the spreading of extreme ideologies becoming easier, the fear of others and the stereotyping, how can our solidarity practices help counter that?

The event is open for everyone to participate and the talk will be introduced by a few invited speakers who dedicate their time to solidarity work and practice. We invite the community in Tromsø to join this community event and take part in an exciting conversation and dialogue with the invited speakers.

Talkaoke, developed by The People Speak in London, is a a fun and friendly pop-up talk show concept that allows anybody be the guest and share their thoughts. There is no pressure to speak if you just want to listen, but we welcome you to join us around the table at any time during the event. Ice-9 artists will host the conversation.

Ice-9 is a media and arts organisation based in Tromsø. Their main project is 'hello X' , an experimental platform to collectively imagine the lives of the future. Ice-9 engages the public through the hello X podcast, website (, short films, live events, school workshops, and augmented reality story experiences (soon to be released in Tromsø). One of the themes of hello X asks how human activity today might affect Arctic ecological food systems and food culture in 50 years. Visit us at:

Date / Time
Oct 23 | 16:00

Tromsø Bibliotek
Grønnegata 94, Tromsø

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