Our Collective Voices in the Machine - Vocal Synthesis with Jessika Khazrik

Voice is the vibration and instantiation of life matter in space and in our bodies. Mediating affect and intelligence with music and/or prosody, our voice(s) can simultaneously express singularity and collectivity. Since the development of the early electronic media that made communication at a distance possible, the voice has been used as a medium of proximity. For several philosophical traditions, voice is what makes us political beings. For others, it is the primordial carrier of the ultimate lie; language, or the body’s most extensive medium of healing.

This workshop with composer, technologist, artist and writer Jessika Khazrik delves into the techno-politics of the voice in intimate, collective and machinic arrangements. It collectively explores questions and techniques around why and how to encode machines with a multiplicity of voices and less distance.

With multi-vocal frames of reference ranging across the fields of music, computer science, media studies, STS, philosophy, linguistics, literature, psychoacoustics and electrical engineering, the workshop is designed in a way that can be accessible and relatable to participants with multiple backgrounds. It is comprised of hands-on technical forays into old and emerging tools in vocal synthesis; from electronic music production to machine learning and circuit-bending, as well as, listening sessions, discussions and exercises in creative writing, role play and rhetoric.

At the end of the workshop session, we will work collectively to bring together in choral arrangements, dialogues, or perhaps, soliloquies, the vocoded voices we have created.

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Please bring with you all the microphones, sound cards and laptops you might have, and if you don’t, please let us know in advance, and we will provide them. All the computational tools we will be using, besides Ableton Live, are open-source and/or free software. You can download for free a 90-day trial of Ableton Live 11 over this link.

Date / Time
Oct 21 | 16:00

Parkgata 27-29, Tromsø

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