Kurant x Insomnia

This year, Kurant9000 are happy to invite the Insomnia audience to intimate experiences in our space in Skippergata 20. For the past weeks, Tromsø Art Academy Student Matias Frøysaa has moved into Kurant9000 and built a space within the space. Inside this structure, a dialogue has taken form, and the mystical Zatoshi Zlackamoto will appear and perform in public for the first time. Expect harsh noise!

Program Kurant x Insomnia

Wednesday 20. 18.00, Vernissasje
Very warm welcome to the vernissage of 'BOX 3/7' by Matias Frøysaa (NO) at Kurant9000!

Matias Frøysaa (b. 1992) is a Tromsø based artist, and is currently a student
at Kunstakademiet i Tromsø.

At the intersection between art and architecture, the artist explores psychological and philosophical theories surrounding embodied cognition and the dialogue between us and our surroundings.

Title: BOX 3/7
Materials: wood
Dimensions : 400cm x 240cm x 230cm

Friday 22. 17.30, Live audio performance
Saturday 23. 14.00: Extra live performance by Zatoshi Zlackamoto.

Zatoshi zlackamoto (b. unknown)
Critic to structural music. In the spirit of Luigi Rosso L'Arte dei Rumori.
Electricity in free form controlled by human and machine for purpose to contradict.

Music that can only be awoken in long winter nights, snow becoming crystal, water and nourish for worms peeking from soil filled with human and animal feces. Energy batteries used for electric cars, energy used for powering electronic signals becoming unstructured noise in screaming sensation form in order to destroy Neurons and forcing the brain to build new ones in hope of overcoming structurialized capitalism built with the same energy. The energy that is produced has one purpose to destroy the natural flowing energy and cause behavioural radical change for the better of course in hope of winning a Nobel price.

Evaporating :'''''((((((( high frequencies to be reflected from walls to brain, causing sensation. Your 9 to 5 my nine to four f35 bombing children radical structural change is caused by both words and frequency to cause chemical imbalance this art is change from blue to red and green and back to fucking blue.

Performance: Friday 22.10, Kurant9000, Skippergata 20, kl. 17.30 and Saturday 23.10 kl. 14.00!

Extra live performance by Zatoshi zlackamoto Saturday 23.10, 14.00!

Date / Time
Oct 20 | 17:30

Kurant Visningsrom
Skippergata 20, Tromsø, Norway

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