Making Noises *__* with Evil Medvěd

An introduction to some of the fundamentals of sound and ways to apply sound synthesis methods and theory in music production.

During this workshop Faolán McGowan aka Evil Medvěd will give an introduction to Sound Synthesis and to some important queer contributions to music and radical thought that shaped music throughout the years, with unconventional methods, attitudes and approaches to sound.

Participants will get a demonstration of some simple patches using VCV rack and the possibility to make a patch on their modular system.

Participation is free, but spaces are limited. Register your participation for the workshop here (and let us know if you can´t make it in after registration):

Evil Medvěd is a musician and producer based in Prague. In his live performances, he works with shaping and rhythmically arranging textures, and experiments with generative approaches to creating rave music on the spot - often resulting in high-energy performances that embrace chance and flaws. He found kinship with Synth Library Prague, where the politics and attitudes towards music technology create an encouraging environment for learning and experimentation. You can often find him there, holding workshops or playing around with some of the synths.

Evil Medvěd will play a live set on October 2nd at the Insomnia Festival Kick Off!

This workshop is presentented as part of the Cloud Exit project, supported by Talent Norge and SpareBank1 Nord Norge.

Date / Time
Oct 03 | 14:00

Kurant Visningsrom
Skippergata 20, Tromsø, Norway

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