Insomnia Festival 17. - 23. October 2021

Welcome to Insomnia Festival 20th Edition!

In addition to a very special live concert at the Arctic Cathedral on the 17th (see own event), we invite you for 3 nights of live concerts and performances in Studenthuset Driv 21. - 23. October. Experience cutting edge music and daring visual performances at 3 different stages, with acts from around the world of electronic music and sound art.

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Arctic Cathedral Concert

This edition we are also presenting a unique commissioned work with three innovative artists in an audio-visual-dance collaboration: Bjarki (IS) + Mathilde Caeyers (NO) & Arttu Niemenen (FI). Their composed performance can be experienced in Alfheim swimming pool on Friday 22.

Adding to our night time program and live concerts, we invite you to a festival filled with an exciting and diverse program during the whole festival week with Insomnia Insights - performance arts, exhibitions, workshops and discourse.

Insomnia is proud to present art exhibitions and performances during the festival week, in collaboration with Inversia Festival in Murmansk, Students at Tromsø Art Academy and Kurant9000.

Come and explore music, movement and new ideas with us at various Tromsø city venues!

Date / Time
Oct 17 | 19:00

Studenthuset Driv
Storgata 6, Tromsø, Norway

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