Festival installation, with 1SSD & Enolied, and Arttu Nieminen

The project «Digital caves X Plastic mirror» is a collaboration between multigenred artists 1SSD (Sergey Danilin) and Enolied (Roman Kamilov), who are searching the sounds in the former scientific city of Apatity and also inspired by the aesthetics of Scandinavian electronic music and small Soviet kitchens full of smoke. All the materials were recorded during 2020 and 2021. The project reflects on the “lost” 2020 year in digital space and which speculates over reality of the virtual world.

«We go back to the time when your chair and computer were used as a working place, as the main source of entertainment, as main means of communication and creativity. We return to our digital cave, where everything is familiar and is convenient for us, practically deprived of the chaos of life. Three strong walls of the cave, loneliness and a space that everyone is able to control and regulate if they wish so. The world of the digital cave made it possible to transfer ourselves into the hands of IT companies, online services, and remote access. Deep immersion in the world of the web allowed each of us to create our own tangible reflection in the plastic mirror of the monitor, to create a new everyday life and find opportunities in a previously unknown world to exist without leaving our cave. Welcome to our cave. Here we collected the best moments of this year in one slice of life of a meditative and anxious journey into the depths of gloomy dreamy beings who have been dealing with the digital world for a long period».

This media installation is presented at Insomnia Festival and co-curated with Inversia Festival in Murmansk, supported by Barnets Sekretariatet.

Works by Arttu Nieminen

Awareness / 4 min / dual screen installation

Neurocinematic dive into surreal prophecy, where awareness of mankind reaches to the heavens.

"In this film I reflect on the human mind, cultural evolution and the state of our world through an abstract symmetry, Gregory Whitehead's mantra type poetry and drastic cutting, to form a neuro-cinematic dive into surreal flow. "

Avaruuskaipuu / 11 min

The Spacelonging flows through life. Meditatively it glides through abstract soundscapes approaching ultimate questions. It calls you to calm down into winter garden of your own thoughts... The Spacelonging is Tampere based composer Veera Neva's debut album and it's end-side stripes I did visual reflection.

On the walls and in the seiling of the old swimming hall, Nieminen is introducing a teaser of Friday's collaborative performance with Bjarki and Mathilde, where he will create visual projections.

Opening hours of the installation:
Wednesday 20. Evening Vernissasje, 21.00-23.00
Thursday 21. Open Exhibition, 18.00-21.00
Friday 22. Live Concert (Exhibition is closed)
Saturday 23. Open Exhibition, 18.00-21.00

Date / Time
Oct 20 | 21:00

Alfheim Svømmehall
Alfheimvegen 23, Tromsø, Norway

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