Festival Exhibition: Rauki

Tromsø art academy and Insomnia Festival are pleased to invite to RAUKI, an exhibition presenting works by five students who are currently working towards their Bachelor degree. While Rurik Sjösten sets the tone for the exhibition by opening the evening with his performance Interdimensional Aesthetic Signal System in which he invites the public to envision the future by introducing a new tool on how to value contemporary art, Vanja Qvardfordt comments with her work Infinity has another color than blue (part I) on the legendary performance Anthropometry from 1960 by Yves Klein. Marie Saure explores both her own body and the bodies of her fellow performers in her music video Look at me. Music is also a topic in Bente Valentinsen Dankertsen´s Gammel harpevev (Old harp-loom). At last, Hilda Kaniusonyte Ekengren offers with her multi channel video installation Tenam the experience of being embedded in an underwater seascape.

Bente Valentinsen Dankertsen

Title of the work: Gammel harpevev
Year of production: 2021
Size: 230 cm x 85 cm
Medium / materials: Burnt pine wood and juniper, deer skin, willow branches

Gammel harpevev - Old harp-loom  
burnt pine wood and juniper, deer skin, willow branches
230 cm x 85 cm

In my artistic practice I often employ methods and materials which are traditionally used in handcraft. I enjoy mixing what does not seem to belong together. The harp-loom is made of brain tanned deerskin, branches from a willow hedge, burnt pine wood and deer horn. While the shape of the harp is an old design, the loom is a "grind vev“ (that is a loom used in a vertical direction).

Bente Valentinsen Dankertsen (b. 1956) has worked as an artist since 1981. After finishing Bergen Art School in 1990, she worked on farms, taught art and continued her practice as a painter. When she started her studies at Kunstakademiet in Tromsø in 2019, she broadened her practice and has become an avid maker of objects, which are often made of animal skins.

Hilda Kaniusonyte Ekengren 

Title of the work: Tenam
Year of production: 2021
Medium: Multi channel video projection (loop), sound

About the piece:

Wrapped in circulation 
Wrapped in liquid
Turn into surroundings
Blend into consideration 
Blend into the jelly

Hilda Kaniusonyte Ekengren 
Half Swedish, half Lithuanian.
A gelatinous member
of the subphylum
a part of the phylum
Mainly a free-swimming
marine animal
with umbrella-shaped bells
and trailing tentacles that can pulsate to provide propulsion for highly efficient locomotion.
Born in 1997 and
since then interested in the phenomenon of experience
In the phenomenon of occurrence
as material
Somewhere where experiencing and
experience meet and blend.

Marie Saure

Title of the work: Look at me
Year of production: 2021
Size / length: 2 min. (loop)
Medium / materials: one channel video projection

Bodily movement
Distinctive rhythms merging
Becoming one

Marie Saure (b. 1997), Hustadvika, is a Norwegian-based artist doing a bachelor in fine art at the Tromsø Art Academy.  They make art that explores the duality of emotion, body, and movement.

Rurik Sjøsten

Title of the work: Interdimensional Aesthetic Signal System
Year of production: 2021
medium / materials: performance

Measurements and algorithms to find value in contemporary art.

The performance will take place on October 21st from 19.00 – 19.20.

Rurik Sjøsten is a carbon based Rurik Sjøsten
Currently based in Tromsø, Rurik is working with the existing culture of exhibitions, trying to challenge the audience into new ways of interacting with the art world and find a confusing place between intention and accident
with a riggedy-raggedy-hiphop-emo-princess-attitude that is not quite riff raff or rock n roll.

Rurik Sjøsten is an artist born into the leo zodiac sign.

Vanja Qvarfordt

Title of the work: Infinity has another color than blue (part I)
Year of production: 2021
medium / materials: wall to floor sized canvas, blue paint and a living brush.

In the attempt to introduce an alternative to infinity, I am in the process of restaging Yves Klein's performance Anthropometry from 1960. Infinity has another color than blue (part I) includes three elements to reach for infinity: a white canvas, blue paint and a living brush.

Vanja Qvarfordt (b. 1995 in Sweden) is a Scandinavian-based artist, currently in her last year of bachelor studies in Fine Art in Tromsø. By questioning and exposing toxic patriarchal structures in society, she creates art that advocates feminism.

Exhibition venue:
Gallery SNERK
Grønnegata 1

Opening hours of the exhibition:
Thursday, 21.10.21, 17:00 - 21:00
Attention: Performance by Rurik Sjøsten from 19:00 - 19:20 
Friday, 22.10.21, 18:00 - 22:00
Saturday, 23.10.21, 13:00 - 17:00 

Date / Time
Oct 21 | 17:00

Galleri SNERK
Grønnegata 1, Tromsø, Norway

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