Commissioned Work: Bjarki (IS) + Mathilde Caeyers (NO) & Arttu Niemenen (FI)

Extreme Chill and Insomnia Festival have initiated a collaboration to engage one Islandic and two Norwegian artists to create a commissioned music piece to be performed at both festivals. For 2021 the selected artists are Bjarki, Mathilde Caeyers & Arrtu Niemenen. We are excited to hear & see what these very creative and innovative artists will compose together. This project is supported by Arts Council Norway.

Mathilde Caeyers is a contemporary dancer and choreographer currently living and working in the North of Norway. She graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor Honours Degree in dance from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Her choreographic practice continuously evolves in close collaboration with installation art and music composition. Mathilde draws inspiration from philosophy, creating performances that explore everything from consciousness, time as a non-linear construct, to determinism and free-will.

Bjarki is an electronic music composer whose tracks range from straightforward bangers to ambient and IDM sounds. BRS began his precocious electronic tinkering at an early age. Isolated in the north of Iceland (Blönduós to be exact), he first surfaced under the name Kid Mistik near the end of the 2000s. BRS kept a low profile in releasing his music until he met the Russian disc jockey Nina Kraviz who became a fan of Bjarki’s tracks and began releasing them on her label трип (Trip) in 2014.

Arttu Nieminen / Finland / Media artist/:

Living in the surroundings of Lappish nature has an indisputable impact on all of my works. The serenity, freedom, and force of nature is perpetually present. When the weather whips its cold blows, the intimacy of a tiny cabin on a fjell or by a lake extracts such strong feeling of presence that it is hard - or at least much different to aim to reach within a city habitat. To this feeling of now, I lean my work. Isolated, mystical, and flowing are the attributes that my films and aesthetics hallucinate their form. My films are surreal ode's to the mystical essence of arctic.
Arttu is also one of the artists to exhibit his work in Alfheim Svømmehall during the festival week.

Performance: Friday 22.october kl. 19.00 - Alfheim svømmehall 

Date / Time
Oct 22 | 19:00

Alfheim Svømmehall
Alfheimvegen 23, Tromsø, Norway

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