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Insomnia 2021 Kick Off
Oct 02 2021 | 20:00
art music kick-off party concert dance
Acts for the evening include a live set by international guest Evil Medvěd (Shape roster 2021) in collaboration with visual artist Keya Singh, who will create a live visual experience the entire evening. We are warming up with a dynamic...

Making Noises *__* with Evil Medvěd
Oct 03 2021 | 14:00
kick-off music workshop
An introduction to some of the fundamentals of sound and ways to apply sound synthesis methods and theory in music production. During this workshop Faolán McGowan aka Evil Medvěd will give an introduction to Sound Synthesis and to some important...

Creating Visuals with Keya Singh
Oct 03 2021 | 17:00
kick-off art workshop
"Everything I make is in an attempt to position myself in the world. I pose questions that I answer through video." - Keya Singh During the course of this workshop , she will briefly share how she makes this happen...

Insomnia Festival 17. - 23. October 2021
Oct 17 2021 | 19:00
installation dance performance exhibition insomnia-insights concert party seminar art music workshop
Welcome to the Insomnia Festival 20th Edition! In addition to a very special live concert at the Arctic Cathedral on the 17th, we invite you for 3 nights of live concerts and performances in Studenthuset Driv 21. - 23. October....