Vanligt Folk

Vanligt Folk is a music group from Sweden/Norway. Jonas Abrahamsson, Carl Carlsson and David Sundquist play on drums, keyboards and sing into microphones. The trio formed in Gothenburg and have since 2013 released three LP’s, four EP’s and a few singels. ”Black friday hele uka” is their fourth full length album, second release on iDEAL and the follow up to last year's LP ”Allt ’ente”.

Said and heard about Vanligt Folk:

”The party had relocated again to SchwuZ, one of Berlin’s best-loved gay clubs, and after waiting outside in line for an hour, I ventured inside and saw Swedish live electronic trio Vanligt Folk dilate time with their odd blend of EBM, Swedish folk music and dancehall. If that sounds hard to imagine, it’s because it’s completely unique; the band looked like a basement punk act but smashed together an eccentric sculpture of human influences with the finesse of early Napalm Death and the attitude of African Head Charge.” – Fact

”From the incredible, accomplished rhythmic incantations of Burnt
Friedman & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, I popped upstairs to find
domestic heroes Vanligt Folk delivering a raucous performance of
punky minimal wave. While the vocalist flipped between wet and dry
microphones and someone else manned the synths, the drummer stole the show. He leapt frantically behind his kit, flinging around floor toms and using his shoe instead of a drum stick. He even banged his head into a huge metal dish in time with the beat. It was ridiculous, and
utterly magnificent.” - RA

Oct 23 | Studenthuset Driv (ISBJØRN ) | Door: 9:00PM