“This is a dialogue between man and machine,”
say K-X-P, continuing the lineage set out by Kraftwerk all those years ago. Yet a nostalgic pursuit of such past explorations this is not, IV is an album that is emblematic of K-X-P’s ever-ceasing desire to move forward and explore new worlds, hurtling forward into new realms of minimal techno, icy synths and brooding atmospheres.

K-X-P have now been playing together over a decade, the collaboration of Timo Kaukolampi and Tomi Leppänen resulting in one of Finland's most consistent yet ever-evolving alternative artists. As with most K-X-P records, there’s a strong thematic approach and concept at its core. For anyone that has seen the band will know, their live shows are a potent and unforgettable force. So this record was made from the energy and approach of one.

Driving forward and exploring new territory is at the heart of K-X-P, both in the music itself and in their never look back approach. In fact Tomi refers to this three-track album as

"a pure piece of transparent bright futurism - a mix of raw power, cosmic disco, modern classical and rave anthem"

"their music is incredibly rhythmic, their grooves-- paranoid dark disco and motorik-- deep. The pulsing beat  that kicks off "Mehu Moments", for example, is so nerve-wracking that you can practically see a red-flashing siren while you're listening to it. And yet this record manages to sound loose and off-the-cuff, positively alive  and experimental. New elements within these eight compositions seem to arise out of thin air, like the ripples of melody that erupt throughout "Mehu Moments" or the
streaks of weeping keyboard sounds stretching out "Aibal  Dub". Sometimes it all sounds delightfully improvisational. " --

K-X-P is presented as part of the We Are Europe program.

Oct 22 | Studenthuset Driv (SNN) | Door: 9:00PM