Keya Singh

Keya Singh (b. Mumbai, 1995) is an intermedia artist currently based in Prague, Czech Republic. In the past, she has worked with production houses in India, creating branded content for social channels. She has exhibited and performed her work across galleries and festivals in the Czech Republic since 2018. She performed a live A/V set with Evil Medvěd at Lunchmeat Festival 2020 (Prague, CZ). Her work explores her own evolving identity as it morphs into an amalgam of the culture she comes from, the people that raised her, the content she consumes as an adult, and her present environment.

She will be performing live visuals for Insomnia Kick Off on Saturday night 2. October, and host a workshop in visual creation on Sunday 3. October.

Oct 02 | 20:00 Storgata Camping