DJ Sotofett

DJ Sotofett is with his productions, wide spanned collaborations & myriad of aliases one of the most releasing artist from Norway's extended club & leftfield scene the last two decades.

Tresor Records has just released "Sputters" album collaboration with LNS, and his afro, dub & jazz productions can be found on London institution Honest Jon's Records. While his Sex Tags Mania (2004) label sees the home of transposed techno & house music, and the Sex Tags Amfibia (2005) platform outlets alternative projects in the vain of dub, experimental, jazz & psychedelic music. Sotofett's more tilted but clubby Wania (2010) imprint is home for technoid releases coming mostly from his own studio and immediate surroundings. Further there are close collaborations with Austrian sonic explorers and experimental label project Laton.

As a DJ, the musical re-source is simply rooted in our past five decades of sound system music. Whether unexpected, unconventional, straight to the floor, or unreleased productions it’s mostly presented as either short-and-full-on Techno/Electro sets or very lengthy & eclectic journeys of the exceptionally wide spectrum of dance music.