Cockwhore & Macho

Cockwhore & Macho are an integral part of the Copenhagen queer community and movement. Naturally their sets have always had a strong sense of the history of queerness in disco and house music, which they blend very well. They are well known for proactively promoting and pushing forward safe space policies & LGBTQ+ activism in Copenhagen modern rave culture.

For 8 years they hosted the party WERK IT. In 2019 they launched their new parties NANCY which have had Peach, Eris Drew, Daniel Wang as guests! In the past 10 years, they have played mostly everywhere in Denmark with some of the prominent names like Honey Djion, Andy Butler, Mike Servito, Perel,Midland,Tiga, Hard Ton, Discodromo, The Missshapes, Aerea Negrot ,Mark Moore, Steffi, Hannah Holland, Prosumer, Lady Bunny, Kim Ann Foxman etc.

Oct 02 | Storgata Camping | Door: 8:00PM