Arttu Niemenen

Arttu Nieminen is a media artist from Finland. His immersive visual art can be experienced at various venues during Insomnia festival, like the festival installation at Alfheim Svømmehall, the performance with Bjarki and Mathilde, and at DRIV.

My way of working is very concentrated on momentary being and presence. Due to this I must be able to portray my vision also with rather minimal elements, which I am able to carry with me during my travels.

Living in the surroundings of Lappish nature has an indisputable impact on all of my works. The serenity, freedom, feeling of space and force of nature is perpetually present. When the weather whips its cold blows, the intimacy of a tiny cabin on a fjell or by a lake extracts such strong feeling of presence that it is hard - or at least much different to aim to reach within a city habitat. To this feeling of now, I lean my work.

Visit his website here to learn more about his beautiful work.