The nature of noise / The noise of nature

Every participant should bring music making equipment, headphones, a cable to connect to a mixer (jack), a good mood, an open mind, and experimental ideas. Please leave your musical education at home.

Everywhere around us, in nature and in cities, there are sounds that are free and unorganised. Every individual sound is interesting. Many sounds together create soundscapes. Some more sounds added and we have a waterfall. The same principle is used when experimenting with noise and sculpting soundscapes.
When we listen to such sounds in low volume, we can relax. Increasing the volume increases perceived complexity and in very high volumes it can be a physical experience. Play it at 11 and it can feel like we are at a metal concert.

1. We will start with a short presentation that will frame the workshop and trigger some ideas.
2. During the main part, we will all focus and create a sound-piece each using headphones. This will be done by each participant alone and can be based on going out and collecting recordings, using existing recordings, synthesizing it using synths and computers, every method is welcome.
3. After that, we will all listen to short snippets of what we each made, playing it on the speakers available.
4. Finally, we will connect all possible works to the mixer and listen to them all at once. That is expected to get loud and messy, like a waterfall.
This workshop is presented as part of the SHAPE Plattform, supported by Creative Europe.

All participants must register here:

Looking forward to welcoming you all ;)

Date / Time
Oct 25 | 14:00

Parkgata 27-29, Tromsø

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