Insomnia at SNN DRIV

We are happy to present our first two artists (TACOBITCH) & (Θ (Theta)) who are going to play at our festival event on Saturday the 24th of October at SSN Driv.
And we are happy to announce that the tickets are available now to purchase for our Saturday event at SSN Driv.
The tickets allow entrance to all the shows. Limited Capacity.

Line up:
20:45-21:30 - Θ (Theta)

Θ (Theta) employs metaphysics and biometrics to stimulate mental and physical reactions. The result is close to dark ambient with a noisy texture that flirts between dystopian crust punk and existential bl(e)ack metal. Θ uses any type of media that can lead to sound experiments that, even though thoroughly planned, allow the planned system to express probabilistic individuality. Θ develops sounds that are inspired by nature and technology, but mostly by the interaction and thresholds between the two and the dystopias this interaction can lead to. Θ has broad musical origins from mouldy hardcore punk to early experimentalists such as Xenakis and everything worthy in between. Θ originates from the city Drama, Northern Greece and is located in Tromsø, Northern Norway.

22:00-23:00 - Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval is best known as a recording artist and musician, but her background and interests are multidisciplinary, and in her music output there is an invisible web of references to experimental fiction, theatre and film as well as music and sound art of many forms. In 2015, she staged an experimental concert piece at Black Box teater in Oslo, based on the album Apocalypse, girl, released the very same day as the performance. This piece was Hval’s first project with theatrical elements: performance, choreography and video as well as musical performance. After the premiere of this piece, Hval and her ensemble toured this type of experimental concert form over the next three years, bringing performative and visual elements together on stage in both rock clubs, festival stages, galleries and theatres, always adapting to the spaces, but sticking to an idea of the concert as an essay or a critical space, one that can engage in questions about what an artist is, or what a concert is.

23:30-00:30 - Tacobitch

Tacobitch is an interdisciplinary collective made up of ambitious young people who are fed up with not having fun! The music resembles the sounds of musiciants with a desire to play the triangle, but who prefers that the triangle sounds like the inside of the volcano Katla on Iceland. Are wehumami jumami or are we dancer. They have existed for just one year, but have already filled several of the largest stages and darkest cellars in Norway, and presented a rave-commissioned work with Care Blanche! They have released several EP’s and videos to both national and international aclaim, especially in Mexico!
Tacobitch is presented as a part of the We Are Europe program.

You can book your ticket in the link below:

Insomnia Lørdag - 24.10.2020 | Insomnia Festival

Billetter kjøpes via Hoopla. Insomnia Lørdag på SNN scene


Because of the COVID-19 restriction, we are asking our guests to gather in a group of 8 to 10 people. Preferably arrive together after the doors open at 19:00 and find seats together. We will of course not exclude people who will come alone, but to make it a smooth and safe event we encourage you to find your crew and stay together.


Date / Time
Oct 24 | 20:00

Studenthuset Driv
Storgata 6, Tromsø, Norway

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