Creative Production Workshop with 3rdSpace DJs

Creative Production Workshop with 3rdSpace
(Two days workshop at Tvibit)

This is for music lovers who aren’t sure where to start & those
curious about exploring stage design. Music gives us life &
rhythm, the design is visual expression. We live in times where it is
more important than ever to recognise femxle talent & ambition
for what they really are. The all femxle Oslo based DJ collective
3rdSpace, focuses on uplifting girls nationwide, both as DJs & in
the industry. The workshop will take us on a journey where rhythm &
the visual expression is merged as one. It will explore how we can
with limited resources, start with an idea & end with production.
Tromsø will be the first stop on this journey towards new-found knowledge & friendships.

DAY1: 13:00-18:00 - Thursday, 22nd October.
DAY2: 12:00-16:00 - Friday, 23rd October.

All participants must register here:

Looking forward to welcoming you all ;)

Date / Time
Oct 22 | 13:00

Parkgata 27-29, Tromsø

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