Career planning 101// with Stein Bjelland

Career planning 101// with Stein Bjelland
(Saturday 24th at 13.00 @Tvibit)

Artist? Musician? Record Label? Management? Publishing? Sync? Booking?
Orcestra? Band? Composer? Promo? Pro rata? User Centric? Safe Harbour? Entrepreneur? Administrator? Electrician?

The music economy of today has gone through wide-reaching changes in the last decades. Additionally, 2020 handed us Covid-19. This has led to the questioning of traditional structures and economic models. The life as an artist is to put it bluntly, challenging. Opinions on these topics are voiced and exchanged, but often lacking a basis in facts and knowledge

During this workshop, we will look at facts, principles and tool which offer a sound fundament for mapping out practical strategies for creating your own career as a professional. The session takes you through the marvelous paths of history, technology, business models, and music , which can lead to a professional career in the field of music and arts.

Stein Bjelland has been working in the ever-changing international music industry for over 25 years, focusing on the US and the Nordic markets. He is specialized in entrepreneurship and business development within music, arts, and culture. Working on a vast array of projects in the intersection between art and money with clients from public bodies to music tech start-ups and everything in-between. He splits his time between his homes in Stavanger, Norway and
Brooklyn, New York.

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Stein Bjelland is presented as part of the Insomnia Cloud Exit Program, supported by Talent Norge and Sparebankstiftelsen SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge

Date / Time
Oct 24 | 13:00

Parkgata 27-29, Tromsø

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