Pijãr/Arikas - electronic music enthusiast, a DJ, an active member of the Lithuanian electronic music community. At the moment, he lives in northern Norway, where together with co-minded people, he supports the movement of the electronic scene. Music plays a vital role in Arikas's life. It pushes forward both, his personal goals and various projects in Norway or Lithuania – developing platforms such as Tamsioji Pusė, Monument, and DJ collective the Behind The River. For
the past year, the artist has been in various festivals, playing in Norwegian clubs, closed parties and in his beloved nature, thus gaining musical and educational experience.

Pijãr/Arikas is presented as part of Insomnia’s talent program Cloud Exit, supported by Talent Norge and Sparebankstiftelsen SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge

Oct 02 | Storgata Camping | Door: 7:00PM