Jenny Hval

Jenny Hval is best known as a recording artist and musician, but her background and interests are multidisciplinary, and in her music output there is an invisible web of references to experimental fiction, theatre and film as well as music and sound art of many forms. In 2015, she staged an experimental concert piece at Black Box teater in Oslo, based on the album Apocalypse, girl, released the very same day as the performance. This piece was Hval’s first project with theatrical elements: performance, choreography and video as well as musical performance. After the premiere of this piece, Hval and her ensemble toured this type of experimental concert form over the next three years, bringing performative and visual elements together on stage in both rock clubs, festival stages, galleries and theatres, always adapting to the spaces, but sticking to an idea of the concert as an essay or a critical space, one that can engage in questions about what an artist is, or what a concert is.

Jenny Hval is presented as a part of the We Are Europe program.

Oct 24 | Studenthuset Driv (SNN) | Door: 8:00PM