Elina Waage Mikalsen

Elina Waage Mikalsen is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Tromsø, Sápmi/Norway. She is currently based in Oslo, Norway, working within the fields of sound, video, performance, installation and text-based mediums. Her core source of material is the body, in its physical, remembering, sounding and acting capacity. She explores the woman’s body in particular, most notably in her sound work, where the possibilities and limitations of the female voice is explored in a physical, historical and gendered context. Based on this investigation, she explores the frictions and connections between the female body and the female voice, which are so often separated. Elina Waage Mikalsen’s artistic work often draws inspiration from her dual background as Sámi and Norwegian. The meeting between the Norwegian and Sámi heritages within her own family has become a metaphor for the power relations haunting the two facets of the Norwegian society as a whole: This intimate, familiar view on a societal issue is now the platform where Mikalsen explores themes connected to identity and structural alienating, and her family has become a central, reoccurring trope in her artistic work. For the concert in the Arctic Cathedral, Elina will perform the sound work Rođu Govkkit/Glenner i Vier. The work was released summer 2020 on Breton Casette by Pernille Meidell. Rođu Govkkit/Glenner i Vier is built on field recordings and voice, exploring our relations with our world and the world of the underjordiske - how nature opens her secrets and forgotten places, if we just listen.

Elina Waage Mikalsen is presented as part of the SHAPE Platform, supported by Creative Europe.

Oct 25 | Arctic Cathedral | Door: 7:00PM