Daphne Matziaraki

Daphne Matziaraki is an award winning documentary filmmaker based in Berkeley, California. She was born and raised in Athens Greece. She directed, produced, photographed and edited award winning "4.1 Miles", which in 2017 was nominated for an Academy Award® in the Documentary short category. The documentary is about a Hellenic Coast Guard captain on the Greek island of Lesbos charged with the task of saving thousands of migrant crossing the Aegean Sea. 4,1 miles is the distance between the island of Lesbos and the Turkish coastline.

Her most recent film entitled "Container" takes place in Samos, Greece and aims to highlight the difficult living conditions that refugees face in the understaffed and overpopulated hotspot located in Vathy. The documentary records the life of a group of young boys that have just arrived in the island and are living in the Samos hotspot; it highlights the relationships they built with each other against all odds. The film premiered in 2020 and is featured in the award-winning documentary forum of the New York Times, Op-Docs.