3rd Space DJs

3rd Space DJs, Producers, collaborators, and curators, this all femxle DJ collective has conquered every club space in Oslo with their euphoric presence and have appeared on the stages of numerous major events, from the Oslo Architecture Triennale to Oslo World music festival and now it is time for Insomnia 2020 Tromsø!

3rdSpace is an Oslo based femxle collective. Dj Conekticut by way of
Jamaica, Dj Refelita by way of Iraq and DJDID by way of Syria.

Together they form movement aimed at decolonising the dance floor, making room for vintage, contemporary, and the future sonic from south of the equator. From Caribbean sounds with the Reggae & Dancehall
to Electric Neo- soul & fusion from the Arab region. The DJ
collective arrives at every event with a nostalgic landscape, a
contemporary point of view, and warning sound from the future.

3rdSpace is in solidarity with the oppressed everywhere. A collective powered by l<3ve.

Oct 23 | Storgata Camping | Door: 7:00PM
Oct 23 | Storgata Camping | Door: 7:00PM