Workshop: Less is more - how to build a personal electronic instrument

The Moscow sound alchemist Richardas Norvila will host a workshop on how to create a personal electronic instrument with the minimal equipment required. Norvila has researched for years how to play an interesting analogue electronic performance
using as minimal gear as possible and in 2016 he performed 12 different sets in Moscow using that knowledge.

This workshop is specially suitable for artists working within Ambient, Drone, Soundtrack, Abstract & Minimal, but anyone interested is welcome. Norvila will demonstrate how he builds his instruments, followed by a short set played with the instrument. The workshop participants will also jam with the instrument combined with the software that they normally use for their production. The aim is to compare the use of software and minimal hardware in creating music in the genres named above.

Participants should bring their PC/mac with their preferred software for music production.

This workshop is now fully booked, no more spaces!

This workshop is presentented as part of the Cloud Exit project, supported by Talent Norge and SpareBank1 Nord Norge.

Date / Time
Oct 23 | 19:30

Parkgata 27-29, Tromsø

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