Spirits Never Sleep

Rihardas Norvila
Join us for Spirits Never Sleep – A DJ Set for Sleepwalkers, starting at 02 am Friday morning after the Thursday concerts

Notes for the Sleeping Concert, by Richardas:

My performance is based on the project “Music for the Leap Year” (2016). Where I created a tiny new music composition each day during 2016 – 366 in whole. Each day I focused on finding something which touches me in a very gentle and subliminal way - somewhere in the periphery of consciousness. It could be a piece of paper lying on the road, a fragment of half-born thought, a simple flower in the field, some abandoned industrial objects, an unclear memory and so on. The aim was to find some signs of parallel spiritual activity, as an opposite to ordinary life, where stuff should be calculated, supervised and fulfilled. So I amplified that subliminal experience to get a musical polaroid from this state of mind. I also use spontaneous texts and videos to describe my work in a more complex way. The project could be observed as a cartography of mysterious objects and processes, which surround us without being attached by our attention.

In this Sleeping Concert I’ll mix all these tiny musical polaroids together. What should it look like? A DJ Set for Sleepwalkers is likely the closest image. I want my performance to evoke a similar state of lucid mind in the audience, as the one I had in 2016 – the feeling that we are surrounded by mystery all the time, and that only sounds and music are a deep enough language to describe and translate this kind of experience. Spirits never sleep – they are working all the time, and yet we know so little about that. In Fact - Reality has its home somewhere between the Day and the Night.

Norway was always a mysterious land for me since childhood, although I have never been. Now I have the chance to visit your country and share my personal experiences about the nature of the mysterious.

Welcome to my personal underground, welcome to the Sleepwalkers Party. I hope it will be a metaphysical experience for all.

There will be a soft underlay in the space but we recommend to bring a blanket or sleeping bag. This event has limited space, only open to those with a festival pass, and signup is also required.

Please sign up here!

Date / Time
Oct 25 | 02:00

Small Projects
Grønnegata 23, Tromsø, Norway

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