Pile O´Sápmi, Ealáskan

21-25 October from 12:00 to 20:00

How do we relate to land and the energies shaping it through past and present? Beneath your feet in Tromsø/Romsa, where are you and what is the current and past life of the areas surrounding you? Are you in North-Norway, North Scandinavia, The Arctic? Paris of the North or the Northern Lights capital?

Above all modern names, attractive superlatives or geopolitical strategic namings, Romsa is part of Sápmi. Traditional territory of reindeer Sámi and coast Sámi, colonized for centuries by the rather young nation state of Norway. Where king and church once took the land by force, a modern state apparatus today upholds and operates an ongoing but hardly detectable colonizing. A long lasting official assimilation policy silenced and abolished most of the coast Sámi culture. 100 years ago the reindeer Sámi´s were forced out of costal Romsa/Troms on the basis of threats of financial persecution and forced slaughter of their reindeer. In September 2019, Maret Annes´ brother, Jovsset Ante Sara, saw himself forced to give away his reindeer and send the herd to asylum due to the same supreme power structure, threatening with unbearable financial persecution and an ultimate and irreversible act of forced slaughter.

Pile O´Sápmi, Ealáskan, is a flock of reindeer spirits awakened by artist Máret Ánne Sara. The sound work is part of  Pile o´Sápmi body of works, investigating the concept of colonization and domination. In collaboration with artist Elin Már Øyen Vister, a sound-portal, a spiritual (de)colonization is manifested in Tromsø town’s main pedestrian street, relating to the bullet ridden heads of Sara´s earlier works.
For Máret Anne the awakened spirits are a personal manifestation speaking to her family´s ongoing extensive legal and spiritual fight against an oppressive state apparatus. For 7 years the Norwegian state has demanded a forced culling of the larger part of the Sara family´s reindeer flock, threatening her brother's livelihood, his and the family´s collective rights, and their reindeers' existence on their ancient indigenous lands.

Ealáskan is composed out of a multitude of soundscapes from the Sara family´s reindeer herd and their traditional lands in Fála reindeer herding district. The work is intended to nomadically exist in various places. The sonic portal places you in the midst of another life existing around you, while suddenly passed by the swift rumble of thousands of hoofs and bodies rushing past you.

Ealáskan is a work developed by Máret Anne Sara.
Elin Mar Øyen Vister has recorded, composed and mixed the work in collaboration with Máret Anne Sara.

In Tromsø/Romsa Ealáskan will be mixed site specifically for 12 speakers by Sondre Forselv (Valy.no).

Pile o Sápmi, Ealáskan is presented at Insomnia Festival in partnership with We are Europe and with the support of Sparebankstiftelsen SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge and Sámediggi - Sametinget.

Date / Time
Oct 21 | 12:00

Sorgata 94 B, Tromsø

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