Optical FLOW

Insomnia Festival and Tromsø Kunstforening invite you to the opening of the group exhibition “Optical FLOW”.

In 1940 an American psychologist James J. Gibson introduced the concept of Optical Flow that he described as research of pattern of apparent motion of objects, surfaces in a visual scene caused by the relative motion between an observer and a scene. Gibson stressed the importance of optic flow for affordance perception, the ability to discern possibilities for action within the environment.

What you see is not necessarily what is there, but isn't it there if you see it? How can you trust your perception? Is that what you experience the truth of what is in the world?
Our time in history is colored by the bombarding of information, dragging people in different directions of beliefs of the true state of the world. Humans no longer lean on the vibrations in their body triggered by other beings in the natural world when making decisions for action. Instead we are to be guided by the pieces of information that reach us through our screens. Our gut feelings are no longer used to guide us through the world, but can our reasoning be trusted with that big task?

In the exhibition at Tromsø Kunstforening, Leevi Lehtinen will present his three channel installation “Babylon” - reflecting on the triumph and destruction of humanity. While Sally Golding's participatory installation “Your Double My Double Our Ghost” explores interaction and perception within a multi-sensory environment, involving lighting and projection onto optical sheeting, sonic composition, and the viewer’s own reflection.

The Exhibition is open

25th October 18:00-21:00

26th October 12:00-17:00

Date / Time
Oct 25 | 18:00

Tromsø Kunstforening
Musegata 2, Tromsø

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