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Dangerous and Digital - The Hate that Controls the World

With Katharina Nocun (DE), Iliana Papangeli (GR), Manuel Beltran (ES)
Moderated by Daniel Erlacher (AT)

13:00-14:15 Tromsø Library, 3rd Floor

The hatred and distribution of false information on the internet has become a tool for political mobilization. The information we are bombarded with is often exaggerated and even false, produced to engage us in either side of the political specter, painting the other side as a total evil. This panel will try to sort out how we are affected in “real life” by the content found on different social media platforms. How is hate speech and false information spread, who is it targeted at and how does this sort of content circulate on our social media platforms? How is fake information and hate speech online contributing to the polarisation of our society? How are political persons and parties taking advantage of this and using it in their struggle for power? And what role, if any, should the large social media coorporations have in moderating its content?

This conversation is presented in collaboration with Elevate Festival (AT) and Reworks Agora (GR) as part of We Are Europe.

Digital Democracy - Dangerous E-Voting vs. Powerful Innovation to Collaborate

With Katharina Nocun (DE), Xenia Ermoshina (RU), Stefanos Loukopoulos (GR)
Moderated by Hilde Bjørnå (NO)

14:30-15:45 Tromsø Library, 3rd Floor

The technology is here: we could easily vote electronically, case by case, on political issues. It is a tempting idea but what would be its dangers? With the previous panel freshly in mind, we would like to discuss the idea of giving the population a chance to vote for each and one single political issue. Are we well enough informed to do so or should we leave it to the “expert” politicians to find the solutions for us? We will look at the question of paperless digital voting from a technological and human perspective. Would it be a safe solution for future political decision making, and if so are we ready to take the responsibility it comes with? This panel will try to work out the risks of digital paperless voting and digital election processes. vs. the power of collaborative decision making and democratically controlled social and public media.

This conversation is presented in collaboration with Elevate Festival (AT) and Reworks Agora (GR) as part of We Are Europe .

Workshop: Making games to Talk About Complex Topics

This workshop will be led by the V&A London game designer Matteo Menapace (IT)
16:00-18:00 Tromsø Library, 3rd Floor

Following the panels Digital Democracy and Dangerous and Digital, take part in a practical workshop to create playful conversational tools (in other words, games) about the topics and conversations that emerged from the panels.
Learn how boardgames can be used by policymakers, advocates and educators to explain complex ideas, explore different scenarios and weigh the trade-offs of a decision in a safe environment.
Working in small teams, you will brainstorm ideas, prototype boardgames and test them with the other participants. 
You will not need prior game design or coding experience. Attending the panels is recommended but not strictly necessary to take part in this workshop.

This workshop is presented in collaboration with Kreativ Teknologi//Tvibit

Date / Time
Oct 26 | 13:00

Tromsø Bibliotek
Grønnegata 94, Tromsø

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