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Installation opens at 1200 October 24th - available to audience during library opening hours until Saturday 26th October. challenges the closedness of access to political advertising information. The project compiles datasets of political ads on Facebook and Instagram and creates interfaces for their use, with a view to opening up the possibilities for its study. With, you can explore both country-specific contextual issues and political strategies, as well as broader questions about the power of persuasion that the use of personal data facilitates.
Beyond presenting the data, problematises the closed nature of information about political advertising, in turn denying people of the power of political participation. The project invites visitors to understand how platforms exploit personal data for political advertising, in the process heaping power with the advertisers and profit unto themselves, ultimately leaving behind a broken ground for a collective experience of politics, as well as for action. is a project by Manuel Beltrán and Nayantara Ranganathan, supported by the Stadtkuratorin Hamburg. Shown at Insomnia Festival as Part of the We Are Europe Project

Date / Time
Oct 24 | 12:00

Tromsø Bibliotek
Grønnegata 94, Tromsø

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