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Workshop: Begginers crash course in Abelton
Sep 27 2019 | 18:00
Want to make electronic music but never got started? This workshop, provided by Insomnia's own Gaute Barlindhaug will be an intro to one of the most used softwares in electronic music production, Abelton Live. There will be more courses in...

Insomnia Kick Off Party
Oct 05 2019 | 21:00
Insomnia is ready to kick off this year´s festival Saturday 5th October @ Storgata Camping Get your dancing shoes on and join us as we warm up for the year´s biggest event for innovative electronic music and art in Tromsø....

Workshop: Center of the Universe FM synth crash course!
Oct 06 2019 | 16:00
This workshop is for everyone, from absolute beginners to the experienced musicians. Most electronic musicians and producers know about synths and how to use them to make music. But be it softsynths or hardware, most synths are not FM synths,...

Workshop: Cinema 4D w/ Sabrina Ratté
Oct 23 2019 | 17:00
Sabrina Ratté, a Canadian visual artist who has received much acclaim for her groundbreaking, original visual art will demonstrate how she creates the futuristic worlds in her work. Ratté will present her work and demonstrate some techniques she uses when...

Workshop: Less is more - how to build a personal electronic instrument
Oct 23 2019 | 19:30
The Moscow sound alchemist Richardas Norvila will host a workshop on how to create a personal electronic instrument with the minimal equipment required. Norvila has researched for years how to play an interesting analogue electronic performance using as minimal gear...

Workshop: Abelton Live w/ Perera Elsewhere
Oct 24 2019 | 17:00
Perera Elsewhere aka Sasha Perera is a London-born, Berlin-based musician, producer, song- writer and DJ. Using everything from gritty, indigenous sounds to her own warped vocals or trumpet, oscillating synths or dread-heavy basses, Perera creates soundscapes to house her songs...

Thursday Concerts
Oct 24 2019 | 20:00

Spirits Never Sleep
Oct 25 2019 | 02:00
Rihardas Norvila Join us for Spirits Never Sleep – A DJ Set for Sleepwalkers, starting at 02 am Friday morning after the Thursday concerts Notes for the Sleeping Concert, by Richardas: My performance is based on the project “Music for...

Workshop: Nihiloxicas drum and dance
Oct 25 2019 | 16:00
Insomnia has a touch of African acts and rythms this year, and Nihiloxica is one of them. Intrigued by both the origins of these rhythms and the techniques required to perform them, there was nothing else to do than invite...

Optical FLOW
Oct 25 2019 | 18:00
Insomnia Festival and Tromsø Kunstforening invite you to the opening of the group exhibition “Optical FLOW”. In 1940 an American psychologist James J. Gibson introduced the concept of Optical Flow that he described as research of pattern of apparent motion...

Friday Concerts
Oct 25 2019 | 20:30

Insomnia Insights
Oct 26 2019 | 13:00
seminar workshop
Dangerous and Digital - The Hate that Controls the World With Katharina Nocun (DE), Iliana Papangeli (GR), Manuel Beltran (ES) Moderated by Daniel Erlacher (AT) 13:00-14:15 Tromsø Library, 3rd Floor The hatred and distribution of false information on the internet...

Saturday Concerts
Oct 26 2019 | 20:30