Special K & Farao

Extreme chill and Insomnia Festival have initiated a collaboration to engage one Islandic and one Norwegian artist to create a commissioned music piece to be performed at both festivals. For 2019 the selected artists are Special K (IS) and Farao (NO). Both artists are leading the troops of their respective countries electro-pop scene – but each with a very different twist. We are excited to hear what these very creative and innovative artists will compose together. This project is supported by Arts Council Norway .

Special-K is an avant-garde musician and artist. Her music has been described as "depresso pop bangers" and “sarcastic baby pop”. Coming from a background of visual arts and classical music, she combines different elements like pop culture, fashion and poetry to create a universe of her own. The music (which is all written, recorded and produced by her) is a mixture of rawness and sophistication, combining complex chord arrangements with amateur recorder flute solos etc. Her debut album I Thought I'd be More Famous by Now includes videos for every song, a sort of "no budget Lemonade", made in collaboration with a variety of talented artists. Themes like unfulfilled dreams of fame and glory, love and boredom in the age of social media and impostor syndrome are to be found in her songs, delivered with a cheeky naïvety wrapped in playful instrumentations, so sincere it almost sounds sarcastic.

Farao established her dedicated alternative dance music with an off-kilter electro-acoustic sound on her latest album "Pure-O", specifically inspired by Soviet disco and an obsession with the era's analog synthesizers. She locks into the discothèque vibe accompanied by gossamer sighs and sparkling mechanical timbres. Featured prominently in Farao’s music is the zither, a traditional German string instrument, combined with a contemporary alt-R&B persona in her use of vocal harmonies. Reliably dreamy grooves and, for the more attentive listener, frequent moments of discovery, making Farao seem more cutting edge than throwback despite her main inspirations.


Oct 25 | Studenthuset Driv (SNN) | Door: 8:30PM