Richardas Norvila

Richardas Norvila is an independent philosopher, artist & composer and psychotherapist who works and lives in Moscow. Norvila is a creative genius who has an endless trace of music behind him, mostly electronic, industrial, drone, ambient and abstract compositions. He is the author of more than 60 soundtracks for theatrical and contemporary dance performances, his current musical projects are The New Oslo Losers Trio, Eshak and Benzo. He also teaches audio, philosophy and communication practices. Norvila defines himself as an alchemist. Everything he does in life, whether literature, music or therapy, is a transformatory process, a process which leaves a footprint in the soul. It be in the music's soul, in the performer himself or in the audience's. When asked to define his sound and work, his answer is as poetical as the music he produces:

Sounds are living beings
I care of them
Devices are my Friends
I care of them too
I love sounds, I love devices
They feel it
And they care about me

For Insomnia he will perform Spirits Never Sleep, a 6 hour sleeping concert based on “Music for the Leap Year”- a project where he composed a musical piece each day for one year. We hope it will be a metaphysical experience for all.

Oct 25 | Small Projects | Door: 2:00AM