The mutant-polymorphic-spirit-child known only as RAMZi (CA) left its home of the deep forests and chose Phoebé Guillemot as its human host many moons past, tasking itself with the protection of wildlife, the decimation of its enemies and the conquest of new lands. RAMZi makes itself known to our world as a tropical music gradually emerging, bringing to Jazz Fusion a second wind and to Fourth World music a Fifth World sound. Stubborn and protective, RAMZi is also a wild child warrior who enjoys squeezing birds and hanging out with their fluffy animal companions.

RAMZI’s enigmatic territories been revealed since 2013. We can notably visit RAMZi’s archipelago with the trilogy Phobiza. Amor Fati comes as the inaugural release on Phoebé’s own FATi Records and is the new nesting place for RAMZi and it’s extended family. The record ends the ‘Phobiza’ story, following ‘Phobiza Dia’ on Total Stasis and ‘Phobiza Noite’ on Moodhut. For 2019, Phoebé is planning many releases on FATi Records.


This artist is presented with support from the Government of Québec in collaboration with MUTEK Montréal as part of North-West Passage and with support from the Embassy of Canada to Norway.

Oct 25 | Studenthuset Driv (CAFE) | Door: 8:30PM