Spooky-J and pq corrupt the Nilotica Cultural Ensemble from Uganda with techno sensibilities and a whole load of darkness. While Ugandan music often treads the happier side of life, Nihiloxica brings the drums of Buganda and ships them to the underworld and back in a live project designed to utilise the trance-like state created by indigenous percussion troupes, fused with club music from the basements of Europe designed to achieve exactly the same goals.

When a debut EP released to widespread critical acclaim, a debut performance headlining Uganda’s Nyege Nyege festival and a blistering showcase at Berlin’s CTM already under Nihiloxica’s belt; one question remains. Where next? Moving from strength to strength, the band released their second EP, Biiri in 2019, developing the sound that won them many words of praise.

Get ready for the trippy, tribal experience with 5 percussionists.

Nihiloxica is presented as part of We Are Europe.

Oct 26 | Studenthuset Driv (SNN) | Door: 8:30PM