LP Martin

LP Martin is a Tromsø-based producer and DJ. With a background in hip-hop and breakbeats, he has morphed his sound into underground arctic disco-funk and house. Raised on the sounds of Boney M and Bee Gees to Talking Heads and David Bowie; Martin is always digging after samples to expand his style. Either through his collection of vinyl bought from local second-hand shops, or obscure music on the internet; he samples and listens to everything from brazilian funk and italian disco to swedish jazz.
He has released on Paper Disco, England and has an upcoming release on the newest Prima Norsk 5 installment on local Beatservice Recordings with local producer Blue Charm


LP Martin is part of Cloud Exit - Insomnia's talent project aimed to push young local musicians out of the cloud and on to the stage. Cloud Exit is supported by Talent Norge and Sparebanken Nord Norge.

Oct 24 | Studenthuset Driv (SNN) | Door: 8:00PM