Jon Hopkins

London-based Jon Hopkins is one of the key artists on the current electronic music scene, with numerous outstanding releases, including his last album “Singularity” from 2018 which was nominated for the Grammy Award. His music carries the unique ability to captivate both scholars and regular punters.

Freeing himself from classical formal training which he with time found too restrictive, Jon went on to explore the world of electronic music. From the early interests in synth-music and house, influential collaborations with Brian Eno and others pushed him further down this path. He has developed a deep interest and skill in the finer arts of sound design and production, while remaining connected to the pure and emotive aspects of music and sound. Hopkins can compose complex textures and intricate arrangements, but without losing sight of what moves the dance-floor in an elegant, yet bass-heavy manner.

At Insomnia, Jon will treat us to a stellar, dance-floor heaving DJ-set. We are very much looking forward to welcoming him to the Arctic, as we have heard that he is not just fascinated by the psychedelic, but also by the cold.

Jon Hopkins is co-curated with Elevate festival in Graz, Austria as part of We Are Europe.

Oct 24 | Studenthuset Driv (SNN) | Door: 8:00PM